Project Description

Preventing sex trafficking in Eastern Romania by Valoare Plus in StayFree Project.

Volunteers working with the Christian association Valoare Plus set up support groups in secondary schools to mentor teenagers in risk of being trafficked for pornography and prostitution.

Eastern Romania is the one of the places in Europe where more girls and boys are recruited for prostitution and pornography. Poverty, family instability and lack of information become the environment in which criminal organisations fish victims that will be trafficked to be exploited in Western European countries.
But this reality will change when young people are equipped to make better decisions, believes Marian Paduret, the president of the Association Valoare Plus, a Christian organisation working with young people.

RISKS – “There are many contexts that contribute to the risk of girls to be trafficked for prostitution and pornography, but in our region, poverty and economical challenges are the number one reason why many girls are vulnerable to human trafficking”, Paduret told Evangelical Focus. The main priority for many is to have financial income. “The desire to have a job and being able to care for yourself or even to take care of one’s family makes a lot of girls easy prey for traffickers that come and advertise good paid jobs in Western Europe”. After falling into the trap, the girls “start to be exploited” as they cross the Romanian border.

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